Eric Phan-Tran is a Registered Kinesiologist located in Toronto, Ontario. He obtained his Bachelor of Kinesiology at York University. Eric holds a Performance Enhancement Specialist Certificate with the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM Certified) As a professionally registered Kinesiologist, he has been able to hone his skills/passions and mould it into a career. While transitioning patients from their rehabilitation phase, his main goal is to help Improve Strength and Conditioning, Physical Performance, alongside the Improvement of overall Physical Mobility for his patients. All while taking pride in ensuring long-term and effective care; Eric has the ability to apply his education into his everyday practice. Whether it be restoring mobility, analyzing painful moments, or simply creating a plan to mitigate the pain? Eric is your guy! With providing sustainable and long-term results, there is nothing more important to our clinic than building interpersonal relationships. Above all-else, Eric’s ultimate goal is to provide guidance for each and every one of his clients and have them healthy and back on their feet in no-time!