Clinic Manager

Sherece is an experienced clinic manager with a passion for improving healthcare outcomes for patients. With six years of experience in the healthcare system, she has demonstrated expertise in leading clinical teams, managing budgets, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Sherece earned her diploma in Physiotherapy Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant from Trios College. She began her career as a treating practitioner for two years, where she quickly advanced to the administration side due to her excellent leadership skills and ability to streamline operations. With her hands-on experience with patients and her move to the administration side, she was able to understand and help patients through their entire journey from start to finish. Sherece has six years of experience dealing with private insurance companies, WSIB, and specializes in motor vehicle accidents. She also handles account receivables. In 2023, Sherece joined Millennium Health Service as the clinic manager, where she oversees all aspects of clinic operations, including staff management, financial management, and quality improvement initiatives. Under her leadership, the clinic has achieved significant improvements in patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and revenue growth. Sherece is a strong communicator and collaborator, working closely with clinical staff, physicians, and administrators to ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care. She is also passionate about leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery and has led several initiatives to implement electronic health records and telemedicine programs. In her free time, Sherece enjoys watching movies and TV shows, and she also likes to spend quality time with family and friends.